Scopis has announced a mixed reality surgical navigation system that uses the Microsoft HoloLens for spinal surgery applications.

It combines current surgical navigation technologies with Microsoft’s augmented reality headset to show surgeons where they’re drilling into in real-time, without shifting their gaze away from the surgical field. The surgeon wears the HoloLens, and sees both the patient and a superimposed augmented reality image. The display overlays the planned placements of screws directly onto the patient and shows the surgeon how to correct both the positioning and the angle of their tools to get the right placement of screws.

There are several advantages to Scopis’ system over others. First, it reduces radiation exposure compared to traditional fluoroscopy navigation systems. Secondly, it allows the surgeon to keep their eyes on the surgical field as they reference where to place the screws.

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Scopis Introduces Mixed Reality to Simplify Surgical Navigation

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