Science-based birth control app gets EU approval

The app, the brainchild of a Higgs Boson physicist, has been certified as a valid birth control in the European Union.

When the Large Hadron Collider finished its first run in 2012, Elina Berglund was thrilled. Who wouldn’t be? But after a while, she felt a bit lost, like she wanted to try something different.

“It’s impossible to top that,” she said. “So I thought, why not try something completely different?” She looked to her own personal life for inspiration. She’d been relying on a hormonal birth control implant for ten years, but she wanted to give it up.

So she researched alternatives, finding several apps on the market — but none were good enough. So she decided to make her own. She and her husband launched the app called Natural Cycles, in Sweden in 2014.

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Science-based birth control app gets EU approval

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