When carpooling service Amovens added a peer-to-peer car rental option in 2015, David Jurado didn’t hesitate to try it. The Seville native who lives in Madrid had frequently used Amovens and BlaBlaCar to find passengers who could split the costs of fuel and tolls on longer trips. And since he owns two cars, any money he could make from renting out the one, a 2006 Skoda sedan, would help cover the costs of owning and maintaining it.

Today, Jurado, a workplace safety manager, uses three services to rent his Skoda several times a month. He charges a minimum of €27 ($30) per day and pockets about 70 percent after the site takes its cut for matchmaking and insurance. “It’s a way to reduce the car’s overhead and collaborate with society,” he says.

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Would You Rent Your Car to a Total Stranger? – Bloomberg

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