As organisations across the globe attempt to get back to normal in the messy aftermath of the huge WannaCry ransomware attack, cybersecurity professionals say it should act as a warning of the impact even basic malware can have.

Thanks to its worm-like features, the WannaCry ransomware was able to quickly spread itself across an infected network, taking advantage of a vulnerability in some versions of Windows. Microsoft even released an emergency patch for its long unsupported operating systems.

Authorities across the globe are now making efforts to identify the perpetrators — but some cybersecurity researchers think the whole campaign could’ve been the result of a relatively amateur operation which got out of hand.

“This doesn’t look like a very professional ransomware,” said Orli Gan, product manager at security company Check Point.

Read more: Ransomware: WannaCry was basic, next time could be much worse | ZDNet

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Ransomware: WannaCry was basic, next time could be much worse | ZDNet…

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