Bookstore AR aims to recapture the magic once associated with bookstores for a whole new audience. Its augmented reality technology can enhance a retail brand or product by applying a digital layer that leads to “a deeper relation with the content”.

Who’s the team behind it?

Big Motive, a technology studio headquartered in Belfast with offices in London which boasts a team of designers, strategists, product managers and engineers. “We’re creative people who understand how to plan, design and launch products,” summarises Carol McHugh, their Marketing Business Analyst.

What’s the gap in the market?

Bookstore AR aims to welcome a generation of kids who have few expectations or indeed experiences of physical bookshops back into the fold.”Between 2010 and 2016, there has been a notable decline in the amount of children reading for pleasure,” McHugh explains. “A drop of nearly 10%.”

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Project of the week: Bookstore AR | The Bookseller

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