Police in Northern Ireland are using drones to patrol the nest sites of protected birds of prey. They have been used to monitor areas where the birds are being persecuted.

It is the first time the technology has been used in this way in the United Kingdom, and follows dozens of cases of poisoning across Northern Ireland over the last few years. According to the PSNI, there were 44 reports of birds of prey being killed illegally between 2009 and 2014.

Several peregrines are lost every year to illegal poisoning, shooting or trapping, said the Northern Ireland Raptor Study Group, which has been helping with the work.

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency is overseeing the work as part of a wider initiative to protect the nests of peregrine falcons. The species often raise its young in quarries or on cliff faces.

Read more: Police using drones to protect birds of prey – BBC News

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Police using drones to protect birds of prey – BBC News

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