Pixium Vision has announced that its Iris II bionic vision system has been implanted into the first patient. The Iris II was cleared in Europe back in July of this year and the UK regulatory authority, Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), gave a green light for a clinical trial a month before that. The first implantation was performed at the Moorfields Eye Hospital in London in September and the system activated shortly thereafter.

The Iris II vision prosthesis includes an epi-retinal implant that features 150 electrodes and is positioned next to the eye. A special pair of glasses that have a built-in camera capture the imagery in front of the patient, convert it into a series of electric signals, and send those signals to the implant that stimulates nerve cells of the inner retina.

Read more: Pixium Vision’s Iris II Brings Back Sight to Blind for First Time | Medgadget

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Pixium Vision’s Iris II Brings Back Sight to Blind for First Tim…

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