Police in the UK are recording crime scenes with AR headsets to let senior officers re-experience the scenes without being there.

Using Microsoft HoloLens and a program from UK-based software company Black Marble, the Bedfordshire Police are mapping entire crime scenes — including the exact location of victims and pieces of evidence — plotting them with hand gestures. Without having to touch the evidence, there is less chance of it being moved or contaminated when the scene is logged.

AR, used this way, is tipped to be a game-changer when it comes to fighting crime, as one police force uses the augmented reality headset to capture crime scenes and upload them back to head office.

“HoloLens allows us to capture the evidence as it is and to be able to view evidence exactly where it was,” says Superintendent Nick Lyall.

Read more: Microsoft HoloLens are augmented reality are ‘crime-fighting game-changer’, police say

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Microsoft HoloLens are augmented reality are ‘crime-fighting gam…

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