Medical device ‘birth certificates’ could solve healthcare security woes | ZDNet

A security expert has proposed enforcing the use of “digital birth certificates” to protect medical devices and patient data.

The breadth and scope of cyberattacks have increased in recent years. It is now not only consumer PCs, enterprise networks, or government agencies which are the intended targets of individual attackers or state-sponsored groups; instead, mobile products, IoT devices and medical devices are also under scrutiny.

Patient data breaches which release the personally identifiable information (PII) of patients are the most common types of attacks which hit the headlines. As in the cases of the UK National Health Service (NHS) data breach which released the PII of HIV sufferers, a US government subcontractor which accidentally exposed the data of medical military personnel and health insurer Anthem’s data breach, such incidents cause outrage and can be serious for users.

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Medical device ‘birth certificates’ could solve healthcare…

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