Mazor Robotics, an Israeli firm, announced that its Mazor X Surgical Assurance Platform has received the European CE Mark of approval. The system, used to perfect spinal surgeries, is being co-marketed by Medtronic, which just invested $40 million into Mazor.

The Mazor X consists of a pre-op software package that helps to establish a surgical plan using 3D tools. Thanks to computer vision segmentation algorithms, the software recognizes different anatomical structures. This helps to quickly and accurately lay down path lines for instruments to follow.

During surgery, the system relies on the pre-op plan to position tools and devices using its robotic arm. To make sure everything is accurate, the robotic component is rigidly attached to the patient’s spine or skull. Additionally, an X-ray fluoroscopy scan is performed, which includes in the image a radiopaque marker attached to the robot.

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Mazor X Robotic Spinal Surgery System Cleared in Europe

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