FOLLOWING DAYS OF silence about the political data firm Cambridge Analytica’s alleged misuse of 50 million Facebook users’ data, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is finally speaking out.

On Wednesday, Zuckerberg took to Facebook to acknowledge what has become a deeply damaging scandal surrounding the company’s ability, or lack thereof, to protect its users’ data. He also announced changes to the platform designed to protect users’ data.

The changes come in the wake of reports by The New York Times along with The Guardian and The Observer, alleging that Cambridge Analytica, a vendor to President Trump’s 2016 campaign, and Cambridge’s British counterpart SCL had harvested a trove of Facebook user data from a University of Cambridge researcher, and may have kept it, despite promises to Facebook that all of the data they received from the researcher had been deleted in 2015.


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Mark Zuckerberg Speaks Out on Cambridge Analytica Scandal

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