Researchers from McGill University in Canada have described the development of a gait assessment system based on a Microsoft Kinect 3D camera. Intended to be used for evaluating the walking characteristics of patients with multiple sclerosis, the goal of the project was to produce a way of objectively measuring how a patient’s walking abilities change between sessions.

Today gait assessment is typically done by simply observing the patient, which can lead to a lot of subjective inconsistency from visit to visit and between different clinicians.

The McGill team created algorithms that assess a person’s movement obtained from Kinect data and compared how these algorithms perform against results produced by trained clinicians. According to the researchers, “the Kinect camera is as an easy to use tool to assess gait in MS patients in a clinical setting.”

Read more: Kinect 3D Camera Used to Assess Walking of MS Patients | Medgadget

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Kinect 3D Camera Used to Assess Walking of MS Patients | Medgadget

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