Bait is something that is used to lure fishes. Clickbait is similar to that. It is used to lure humans to websites. However, studies have found that humans are more intelligent than fishes and more dangerous too. Facebook started with detection of clickbaits in late 2014 and recently announced that it is going to reduce the number of clickbaits that appear in news feed.

With the penalization of clickbaits, it becomes important to check whether the content written by content writers consists of clickbait titles. In case it does, it will mean the content will be penalized and will appear in the top search results or facebook news feed very seldomly.

This study gives an overview about what clickbaits are and how to recognize clickbaits using machine learning.

Read more: Identifying Clickbaits Using Machine Learning | Abhishek Thakur | LinkedIn

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Identifying Clickbaits Using Machine Learning | Abhishek Thakur

by Mike Rawson time to read: 1 min
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