HP to move into metal 3D printing in 2018

HP has stated its plans to expand into metal 3D printing as early as next year.

Hoping to repeat the “disruptive value proposition” of its proprietary Multi Jet Fusiontechnology, the company outlined its plans to venture into the additive manufacturing industry’s fastest growing market, at the HP Securities Analyst Meeting 2017 in Palo Alto yesterday.

Speaking at the conference, Stephen Nigro, President of 3D Printing at HP, said the company is set to deliver a novel 3D metal approach that will “transform the 3D metal industry into more mainstream high volume production”.

The company announced plans to deliver colour 3D printing with a “completely new 3D plastics system” at a much lower price point.

Stephen commented: “Multi Jet Fusion will be the one and only 3D printing technology that can make mechanically and robust and functional full colour parts.”

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HP to move into metal 3D printing in 2018

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