Google Chrome now lets you browse the web in virtual reality. The functionality exists for any website you visit through the browser, but only if you’re using your mobile phone.

The new feature has been expected for some time, though it’s likely to split opinion. Some webpages will undoubtedly lend themselves to the VR experience better than others.

The VR version of a page that’s heavy on text, for instance, will be neither exciting or especially easy to scan quickly. A webpage with a 360-degree video or game, on the other hand, could be much more compelling.

A lot of people still aren’t entirely comfortable with strapping a large headset to their face either, and using a VR headset for too long has been known to cause sickness.

Read more: Google Chrome VR: Users can now browse the entire internet in virtual reality | The Independent

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Google Chrome VR: Users can now browse the entire internet in virtual …

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