How to Get the Most Out of Your Amazon Echo Dot

SO YOU GOT yourself a brand new Amazon Echo Dot. Congratulations! You’ll get along great with it. But before you start yelling at your shiny new toy, take a quick look at the full range of what it can do for you. It’s more than you might have imagined.

The tips and tricks below also mostly work for, well, any Alexa-powered device. There are a ton of them out there, and while they may not be as puckish (both in the hockey and Shakespearean sense), they could all benefit from a quick primer.

First, make sure you’ve established a nurturing environment in which your Echo Dot can thrive. Kidding! Just plug that sucker into a wall outlet and let it fly.

Next, your Dot will sit there, patiently glowing orange, while you download the Alexa app.

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Mike Rawson

Mike Rawson has recently re-awoken a long-standing interest in robots and our automated future. He lives in London with a single android - a temperamental vacuum cleaner - but is looking forward to getting more cyborgs soon.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Amazon Echo Dot

by Mike Rawson time to read: 1 min
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