Windows Mixed Reality Headsets: Hands-On Impressions |

Virtual reality had its big coming out party in 2016, but the technology has only been embraced by early adopters so far. That’s largely because the best virtual reality headsets available are still considerably more expensive and require some time and effort to set up.

Why GE’s use of Google Glass marks a turning point for AR | ZDNet

When Google announced the revival of Google Glass, it came armed with evidence that the augmented reality glasses have a real market — in the enterprise space. The company showcased major customers like GE, Agco, DHL, and Sutter Health already piloting Google Glass Enterprise Edition.

Will AR/VR Replace Travel & Tourism? – IoT For All – Medium

Summer has arrived (for half of the world, at least). This means roughly 45% of people are itching for a fun getaway — and, if Facebook posts are any indicator, many of these are due solely to parents’ need to maintain a certain level of sanity during the off-school months.

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