Hate Pokémon Go? You Can Still Love Augmented Reality | Good Sh*t | OZY

Never heard of augmented reality before “Pokémon Go”? It’s played second fiddle to virtual reality, but the public is finally catching on to the potential seen by savvy entrepreneurs and do-gooders.

It could aid the disabled, translate languages and educate a new workforce, says University of Washington researcher Ryan Calo.

Project of the week: Bookstore AR | The Bookseller

Bookstore AR aims to recapture the magic once associated with bookstores for a whole new audience. Its augmented reality technology can enhance a retail brand or product by applying a digital layer that leads to “a deeper relation with the content”.

Who’s the team behind it?

Big Motive, a technology studio headquartered in Belfast with offices in London which boasts a team of designers, strategists, product managers and engineers.

Augmented reality has surgical application

A Chinese surgeon has discovered a practical application for augmented reality in the medical field.

Using the same technology by which a Pokemon character is layered onto a real-life setting, two surgical images can be combined into a single view, eliminating the need for surgeons to watch two separate screens simultaneously.

Our National Love Affair With ‘Pokemon Go’ Might Be Short-Lived | FiveThirtyEight

“Pokemon Go” — the smash hit app from Niantic that powerfully combines augmented reality with the bottomless well of nostalgia for pokemon — is seeing its userbase drop faster than my respect for anyone who picked Bulbasaur as their starter pokemon.

As was recently pointed out by Bloomberg, daily active users are down, as is overall engagement.

Why Virtual Reality Will Be the Most Social Computing Platform Yet – Medium

The future of immersive virtual reality is often depicted as a dystopian view of millions of people spending hours alone each day, with huge gadgets stuck to their face, enraptured by fantastical worlds.

But it’s going to be millions of people spending time together — with friends, family, colleagues, and new acquaintances — experiencing moments together no matter the physical distance between them.

Virtual reality robots could help teleport juries to crime scenes

Juries are seldom allowed to visit crime scenes. There are exceptions, usually in difficult, high-profile murder cases such as the O.J Simpson trial in 1995 and the Jill Dando murder trial in 2001. But asking jurors to become fact finders in this way comes with myriad problems, from possible biases to the logistical and security […]

Virtual reality helps eight paralysed people feel their legs | New Scientist

Eight paralysed people have regained some feeling in their legs after training with brain-controlled robotic systems.

Miguel Nicolelis, at Duke University in North Carolina, and his team used a virtual reality system which connects to the brain to simulate leg control in eight people who had suffered spinal cord injuries.

Rolls Royce – remote controlled ‘roboships’ will be at sea by 2020 | Daily Mail

Rolls Royce has revealed plans for fleets of ‘drone ships’ to ferry carry around the world – all controlled from a central ‘holodeck’. It believes an entirely unmanned ship could take to the seas by 2020.

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