Tesla and Google Take Different Roads to Self-Driving Car – New York Times

In Silicon Valley, where companies big and small are at work on self-driving cars, there have been a variety of approaches, and even some false starts.

The most divergent paths may be the ones taken by Tesla, which is already selling cars that have some rudimentary self-driving functions, and Google, which is still very much in experimental mode.

Notch wants to take real time coaching to the next level

Notch is made up of a series of wireless sensors that can attach to clothes via small straps. Packed with accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses, it’s able to record the user’s motion and then relay that information in real time to the companion smartphone app to see a 3D view of the movement.

Wearable technology could change the way we think about air pollution –  Washington Post

While activists lobby for more stringent pollution-cutting measures around the world, and policymakers grapple with how to write them, some scientists and designers have turned to the power of innovative technology to raise awareness and save lives with the help of wearable pollution sensors.

Rolls Royce – remote controlled ‘roboships’ will be at sea by 2020 | Daily Mail

Rolls Royce has revealed plans for fleets of ‘drone ships’ to ferry carry around the world – all controlled from a central ‘holodeck’. It believes an entirely unmanned ship could take to the seas by 2020.

The moral dilemma of driverless cars: save 10 pedestrians or yourself?

You’re riding along in your driver-less car enjoying the day when suddenly a group of pedestrians blocks your path.

It’s too late to slow down and your car has to make a choice: plow into a group of pedestrians and cause multiple deaths or veer into a concrete divider and kill you. Which do you choose?

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