Robots and Artificial Intelligence Could Change War |

Over 100 CEOs of artificial intelligence and robotics firms recently signed an open letter warning that their work could be repurposed to build lethal autonomous weapons — “killer robots.” They argued that to build such weapons would be to open a “Pandora’s Box.” This could forever alter war.

We cannot afford to sit back and watch: robot wars are something to fear | Spectator Life

One of the most bewildering things about this point in the 21st century is how utterly bored our leaders are by the greatest existential threat humans have ever faced. ‘Artificial Intelligence?’ they say with a chortle.

The World’s First International Giant Robot Fight Is Coming In August! Japan Vs. America! | SnapMunk

Strap in folks! Today we aren’t talking about Facebook’s business decisions or some new gadget or Elon Musk. Nope, today we have a good old fashioned showdown that’s circled the tech news world for years, and finally, we have a date with destiny.

Mark Zuckerberg thinks AI fearmongering is bad. Elon Musk thinks Zuckerberg doesn’t know what he’s talking about. – Recode

Great minds don’t always think alike.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, shared some thoughts early Tuesday morning via Twitter that essentially bashed Mark Zuckerberg’s understanding of artificial intelligence.

Eye Controlled Robot Lets Woman with MS Play Chess with Real Pieces

ABB Group, a large Swedish-Swiss firm specializing in industrial robotics, and Irisbond, a company developing eye tracking software from the Basque region of Spain, have teamed up to create, as a conceptual demonstration, an eye controlled robotic hand that helps paralyzed people play chess.

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