The ‘Michael Jordan’ Of Machine Learning Joins Jibo | Popular Science

Jibo Inc. announces that its adding veteran researcher Michael I. Jordan to its advisory board. Jordan has been ranked as the most influential computer science researcher by the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and carries the superlative of “the Michael Jordan of machine learning,” both literally and figuratively.

Dyson’s robot vacuum cleaner is so complex it comes with an ENGINEER – Mirror Online

A high tech robot vacuum cleaner launched today is so complex it comes with a personal engineer to set it up.

For Sir James Dyson ’s latest smart appliance – yours for a wallet-busting £800 – needs a boffin to give big spenders a home demonstration and advice on how it works.

The Amazon Echo Is Winning the Race to a Screenless Future | WIRED

THE AMAZON ECHO is an unlikely hit. After all, the world’s largest online retailer hasn’t always won its bets on hardware. (RIP, Fire Phone.) And a gadget that relies solely on voice? Let’s just say Siri hasn’t inspired confidence.

Yet Amazon has by one estimate sold some 3 million of the squat cylinders since the Echo launched in November, 2014.

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