3D printing transforms the economics of manufacturing

TYPICALLY, a new manufacturing company begins by making small numbers of high-value items for niche markets before tooling up to produce stuff in large volumes for mass consumption. But Domin Fluid Power, a five-year-old firm based near Bristol, in England, has used 3D printing to go about things rather differently.

MakerBot will connect Chromebooks to cloud-based 3D printers

Earlier this year, Makerbot announced in its most recent bloodletting that it would focus more on the education market. Today we’re seeing some of the fruits of that decision. First up is “My MakerBot,” what the outfit describes as a cloud-enabled browser-based printer monitoring platform that’s compatible with Chromebook.

This Startup Is Disrupting The Construction Industry With 3D-Printing Robots

Starting as a niche technology, 3D printing has been around for a long time. And talk of how this technology could transform the construction industry, largely theoretical, has long circulated, too. But now, thanks to young entrepreneurs Chris Kelsey and Fernando De los Rios, we can expect to see 3D printing robots on building sites rather than hundred of masons in Dubai, and around the world.

Astronauts should learn how to print out 3D equipment to save their lives

Astronauts should be taught how to print out 3D medical equipment as missions get longer, with greater risk of health emergencies, experts say.

Intensive care doctors called for extra training for those embarking on space voyages, to cope with the unusual challenges of microgravity and limited storage room.

High-tech construction: 3D printing and clever computers could revolutionise construction | The Economist

SET in the heart of Cambridge, the chapel at King’s College is rightly famous. Built in the Gothic style, and finished in 1515, its ceiling is particularly remarkable. From below it looks like a living web of stone (see picture below).

3D-printed ovaries allow infertile mice to give birth

Infertile mice have given birth to healthy pups after having their fertility restored with £D-printed ovary implants. Researchers created the synthetic ovaries by printing porous scaffolds from a gelatin ink and filling them with follicles, the tiny, fluid-holding sacs that contain immature egg cells.

Robotics, AI​​ and 3D printing could close UK’s productivity gap | The Guardian

The future has already arrived in a small factory in Worcester, according to the man hired by Theresa May to put Britain at the forefront of the next industrial revolution.

Juergen Maier, the chief executive of Siemens UK, believes new technologies including robotics, artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, can deliver greater productivity and create more highly paid jobs.

Thyssenkrupp Plans to Open 3D Printing Center This Year | Fortune.com

German group Thyssenkrupp plans to open its own 3D printing center this year to manufacture products for its customers. As well as producing steel, submarines and elevators, Thyssenkrupp supplies thousands of tonnes of metal and plastic products and provides supply-chain management services to a quarter of a million customers worldwide.

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