CARMAT announced that its artificial heart has been implanted for the first time in an important clinical study that may lead to European regulatory approval.

It’s similarly sized to a real heart and is designed to closely mimic the natural biomechanics of a human heart. Powered by an external power source, the device may have the ability to sustain patients continuously for years if the trial and subsequent observations prove successful.

The bioprosthetic heart was created by bringing together ateam consisting of Dr. Alain Carpentier, the developer of mitral valve repair, and folks from Airbus. While the heart may be fairly well understood, moving fluids around without creating stress and turbulence, and doing so consistently for years, without a break is a major engineering challenge.

Read more: CARMAT’s Total Artificial Heart Implanted Into First Patient | Medgadget

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CARMAT’s Total Artificial Heart Implanted Into First Patient | M…

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