A battery-free electronic patch that sticks onto skin like a temporary tattoo can be powered wirelessly by smartphones to help monitor health, researchers say.

A variety of  wearable technology is on the market to monitor life signs, but these mostly possess hard components that have to be strapped onto the body. Scientists have been developing stretchable electronics that can fit better onto people, but these were limited by the size and weight of their batteries.

Now researchers have developed a stretchable, wearable ultra-thin device that can not only wireless transmit health data, but also is wirelessly powered via near-field communication transmissions. Smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics use near-field communications with the Apple Pay and Android Pay wireless payment schemes.

Read more: Battery-Free Wearable Patch Can Help Monitor Health – IEEE Spectrum

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Battery-Free Wearable Patch Can Help Monitor Health – IEEE Spect…

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