If you’re looking to move but can’t find the house of your dreams, you may be able to just print out what you’re after in the near future. 3D-printing startup Apis Co has come up with an affordable solution for building new houses.

It can 3D-print concrete walls for a small house in under 24 hours. The company recently used its massive 3D-printer to lay down walls on a test home in Russia, where it has a business partner, printing out a cozy but livable 400-square-foot house.

The machine, which looks more like a small crane than a conventional 3D printer, spits out layer upon layer of a concrete mixture that the company says can last for 175 years. After printing out the walls, the printer is removed, and contractors install insulation, windows, appliances, and a roof.

Read more: Apis Cor can 3D-print an entire house in just one day — Quartz

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Apis Cor can 3D-print an entire house in just one day — Quartz

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