DeepCoder, a system put together by researchers at Microsoft and the University of Cambridge, can now allow machines to write their own programs. It’s currently limited in scope, such as those seen at programming competitions. The tool could make it much easier for people who don’t know how to write code to create simple programs.

In a world run more and more via a screen, knowing how to code — and code fast — is a good skill to have. Still, it’s not a very common one. With this in mind, Microsoft researchers have teamed up with their UoC counterparts to produce a system that allows machines to build simple programs from a basic set of instructions.

“All of a sudden people could be so much more productive,” says Armando Solar-Lezama at MIT.

Read more: AI can write new code by borrowing lines from other programs

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Mike Rawson has recently re-awoken a long-standing interest in robots and our automated future. He lives in London with a single android - a temperamental vacuum cleaner - but is looking forward to getting more cyborgs soon.

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AI can write new code by borrowing lines from other programs

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