With the help of her new 3D-printed footwear, Purps the African penguin can walk again.The 23-year-old bird lives at the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut, and suffered an ankle injury during a scuffle with another penguin.

Now, she’s been suited with a boot that is flexible and sturdy, and will allow the penguin to walk and swim like all the others.

The new boot came about through the collaborative efforts of Mystic Middle School students, the aquarium’s veterinary staff, and 3D Systems partner ACT Group.

Purps – short for ‘Yellow Purple’ – had previously been fitted with a mouldable plastic cast, which was cumbersome and time-consuming to build.

The 3D-printed boot improves upon this earlier design, making it far more efficient for both the penguin and her caretakers.

Read more: 3D printed footwear lets injured African penguin Purps waddle again at Mystic Aquarium | Daily Mail Online

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3D printed footwear lets injured African penguin waddle again –…

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