Grassroots groups use ‘internet of things’ data to tackle damp and noise

The ‘internet of things’ can conjure up grand visions of driverless cars speeding around ‘smart cities’ blanketed by billions of sensors communicating over 5G mobile networks. At a grassroots level, however, groups of citizens are starting to use the data and sensors for their own purposes.

​A robot implants 3D-printed teeth in a Chinese patient | ZDNet

A robot performed autonomous dental implant surgery on a patient for the first time last week. The hour-long surgery, which took place in Xian, Shaanxi province, China, was performed without intervention from medical staff, who were on hand in case something went wrong.

Robots and Artificial Intelligence Could Change War |

Over 100 CEOs of artificial intelligence and robotics firms recently signed an open letter warning that their work could be repurposed to build lethal autonomous weapons — “killer robots.” They argued that to build such weapons would be to open a “Pandora’s Box.” This could forever alter war.

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