A unicorn apart: Among private tech firms, Airbnb has pursued a distinct strategy | The Economist

UNTIL recently “Uber envy” afflicted many top executives at Airbnb, a platform for booking overnight stays in other people’s homes. So admits a big investor in the firm. The two companies often raised money at the same time, and the ride-hailing giant reliably received more cash and closer attention.

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Scientist Found The One Job Robots Will Never Be Able To Take From Us

We’ve heard it all before: For every job a human can do, there’s a robot that can do it better, faster, and without posting whiny memes about the Monday struggle. But when a researcher decided to test a robot’s ability to complete one job requiring a specific kind of creativity, she was pleasantly surprised to find the bot was a bit of a failure.

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Google Rattles the Tech World With a New AI Chip for All

IN A MOVE that could shift the course of multiple technology markets, Google will soon launch a cloud computing service that provides exclusive access to a new kind of artificial-intelligence chip designed by its own engineers. CEO Sundar Pichai revealed the new chip and service during his keynote at Google I/O, the company’s annual developer conference.

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Held to ransom by the hackers – MoneyWeek

The cyber threat goes beyond hijacking computers. It’s about economics, politics, power and human psychology.

The “WannaCry” mass ransomware attack that disrupted the NHS and other organisations around the globe has refocused attention on the issue of cybersecurity; on the role of nation state actors (in this case the US National Security Agency, or NSA) in creating “exploits” that can fall into the wrong hands; and on the internet marketplaces where such exploits can be traded.

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