Jibo Shipping Pre-launch Models in November – Robotics Trends

In an update to its supporters, Jibo announced that there are two ways for its backers to get their hands on the social robot.

Option A: Participate in Jibo’s pre-launch program and receive an early version of Jibo starting in November 2016

Option B: Wait until the public version of Jibo is launched.

People want control of driverless cars: Business Insider

People can be divided into three groups when it comes to car ownership and driving: those who love it and wouldn’t have it any other way; those who hate it and think that owning an automobile is drudgery; and those in between who don’t feel strongly one way or the other, but need a vehicle for transportation.

The FashTech Start-Up That Could Transform The Smartwatch Industry

I’ve recently (and cautiously) come around to the idea of wearable technology for the simple reason that it’s consistent with my current minimalist lifestyle calculus. The more functions something performs, the fewer things I take with me out the door. Ergo the less I am likely to lose.

An AI just wrote its first pop songs. Have a listen – CapX

We already know that artificial intelligence systems can work in law firms and beat the world champion at a game of Go. Now it turns out that AI can write some pretty good pop songs, too.

Researchers at Sony have been working on AI-generated music for years, and has previously used AI to create impressive jazz tracks.

Federal Guidelines Taking Self-Driving Cars in Wrong Direction – Robotics Trends

The long awaited list of recommendations and potential regulations for self-driving cars has been released by NHTSA, the federal agency that regulates car safety and safety issues in car manufacture. Normally, NHTSA does not regulate car technology before it is released into the market.

Long distance drone flights “to boost business” in remote Scotland – The Scotsman

New laws which will allow drones to fly longer distances than ever before could boost business in the most remote parts of Scotland, it has been claimed.

Business leaders will gather in Inverness for Drone Week from tomorrow (Monday) to hear how new regulations, currently being devised, will allow Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS) navigation of the unmanned aircraft in the UK for the first time.

Hear Heavy Metal, the World’s First 3D-Printed Aluminum Guitar | Guitar World

Several months ago, Olaf Diegel, a professor from Sweden’s University of Lund, debuted his incredible 3D-printed aluminum guitar. The guitar—a truly beautiful instrument that was decked out in barbed wire and roses—was the world’s first 3D printed aluminum ax.

The guitar, better known as the Heavy Metal, grew out of Diegel’s desire to test metal 3D printing.

Google’s New Vacation App Was 280 Years in the Making | WIRED

KALININGRAD IS A Russian seaport named for a Soviet revolutionary. But in the 18th century, it was called Königsberg and was in the German kingdom of Prussia. And it was a math problem.

Königsberg stretched across both banks of the river Pregel, and it included two islands in the middle of the river. Seven bridges connected these islands and the rest of Königsberg. People wondered if they could walk across all seven bridges without crossing any of them more than once.

BBC shows-off holographic TV experiment | What Hi-Fi?

The BBC has created an experimental ‘holographic’ TV device that creates the illusion of floating images.

Based on a modern-day version of an old theatre technique, an acrylic pyramid was placed on a 46in television in order to make video footage appear to levitate within the pyramid.

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