Wearable technology could change the way we think about air pollution –  Washington Post

While activists lobby for more stringent pollution-cutting measures around the world, and policymakers grapple with how to write them, some scientists and designers have turned to the power of innovative technology to raise awareness and save lives with the help of wearable pollution sensors.

The Amazon Echo Is Winning the Race to a Screenless Future | WIRED

THE AMAZON ECHO is an unlikely hit. After all, the world’s largest online retailer hasn’t always won its bets on hardware. (RIP, Fire Phone.) And a gadget that relies solely on voice? Let’s just say Siri hasn’t inspired confidence.

Yet Amazon has by one estimate sold some 3 million of the squat cylinders since the Echo launched in November, 2014.

Taking Killer Robots Seriously | Hackaday

Killer robots are a mainstay of science fiction. But unlike teleportation and flying cars, they are something that we are likely to see within our lifetime.

The only thing that’s stopping countries from deploying autonomous killing machine in the very near term is that they’re likely to be illegal under current international humanitarian law (IHL) — the rules of war.

Make way for the robot stock pickers – FT.com

Robots are predicted to steal the jobs of millions of workers across the world over the next few years, as technology replaces human shop assistants, teachers, accountants and potentially even taxi drivers.

Artificial intelligence and automation are also expected to revolutionise the investment industry, especially in the area of robo-advice.

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